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1954 Jaguar XK120M

by Kevin Carter

This is a totally unique car, both in looks and history! 

It began its life as a humble XK120 Roadster and was transported from Coventry to New York to the welcoming hands of Tom Jaycox who then used all his expertise and vision to turn it into a road legal race car.

Everything that wasn't necessary was removed including the carpets, seats and windshield. He then reduced the weight even more by drilling holes everywhere in the frame, trunk and under the hood. An LT1 Race seat was added and Leyland motors were consulted when he decided to modify the engine. Add to that Aluminium rimmed C-Type wheels and he was ready to race alongside his brothers red XK120M. 

This car has been lovingly restored but retains alot of the weathering it sustained making it truly unique.

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Digital artist with an interest in all things visually creative as well as being an animal behind the drums.

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