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A seriously good year

A seriously good year

by Daniel Southern

2019, has been a year of partnership and growth here at Fourdot…

In 2019 the Fourdot team collaborated with some amazing customers, dealerships and manufacturers.

A big congratulation to McLaren Tokyo this year for the opening of their new Qualified centre. It was a proud moment to see our premium showroom plates featured on the McLaren line up- shipped all the way to Japan!
We have now sent plates to McLaren Germany with hopefully more worldwide destinations to come! Working with the McLaren Qualified Programme has been a pleasure and we hope to do more in the future.

If you don’t already know one of this year’s most popular youtuber and Instagramer, MrJWW, then we strongly suggest you go check him out! It was a privilege to have our plates covered in a couple of videos whilst working with a mutual customer. Plating some of our favourite supercars for the videos such as the Porsche GT3RS and Speedster!

Looking for him? Check him out & @mrjww on Instagram.

The past year has allowed us to solidify our existing relationships with well-established and important customers. The support and opportunities from our customers has allowed the Fourdot team access to scan and plate some exquisite and rare supercars. From Decennium R8’s through to Pagani Huayra’s!

On this occasion, we can’t forget to mention Dylan’s McLaren Senna. The Fourdot team could provide a bespoke plate, cut and styled to match the exhaust line and then mounted on a tailor made floating plinth. Dylan has an outstanding Instagram. To view his collection, opportunities and projects go to @d14lan

Here at Fourdot, we work closely with some outstanding partners.
Some special thanks needs to be extended to Mountune Branded Plates for all their support and the Lamborghini/ McLaren dealership network who have helped us grow our customer base in 2019. With an extended thanks to H.R. Owen, Sytner, Rybrook and Jardine dealer groups for embracing the Fourdot brand and helping bring our product closer to our customers.  

We couldn’t round off this year without announcing the Fourdot team has grown. With the growth of Fourdot will come exciting changes and improved processes for customers come 2020.

Here at Fourdot we wish all our partners, customers and fans a wonderful prosperous 2020!

Daniel Southern

Daniel Southern

The head honcho at Fourdot. He has a fascination for all things number plate, ranging from reflective luminosity to the most outrageous number plates. Can often be found sneaking around badly lit streets taking photos of number plates for his personal collection.


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