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Striking stance
Nice curves and twin exhaust
Pivot door in action
Sleek movement

New Opel GT Concept

by Aidan Bicknell

The future of the Opel GT has been revealed ahead of the Geneva debut and we like it.

The first thing we all noticed once we had unanimously "ooohed" was the aggresive stance and well balanced body. The front tyre is and immediately makes this stand out from the crowd. The more you look, the more you notice the incredible thought and attention to detail that has gone into this concept. The unique pivoted door design ensuring clean, minimal shut lines further enhancing the beautiful curves of the car. You notice the windows, or lack thereof, making the car look incredibly futuristic, if slightly unnerving. Add to this the touch-pad door entry and video system instead of rear view and this screams cutting edge, with a healthy embrace of history with the dual exhaust with GT logo and red tyres, apparently a nod back to 1965 Opel GT concept and the Motoclub 500 motorcycle.

Going onto specifics under the hood Opel have managed to drop the weight to less than 2200lbs with 145 horsepower and 150lb-ft of torque. Performance is pretty humble with a less than 8 second traffic light dash and a top speed of 134mph. There is no hint at prodction at the moment as this is firmly in concept mode, but we can but hope.

What are your thoughts?

Aidan Bicknell

Aidan Bicknell

Our very own afficionado about all things automotive and technical. There isn’t anything this automotive this guy doesn’t know. Also he has amazing hair. Really.


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