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Fourdot are open for business: at this time we are able to process and manufacture all orders.
Due to new measures put in place, you may experience some delays in our standard delivery service by an extra 1-2 working days.


Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

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Number Plate Technology


The first step in creating our number plates for any vehicle is the digital 3D scanning.

We white light scan our vehicles to create 3D technical models. These models allow us to work to an unprecedented level of accuracy when designing the perfect shaped number plate for your vehicle. The profile and contour of each number plate can be digitally plotted to ensure the perfect fit for each make and model of vehicle.

Our 3D scanning can be done on-site at a customer premises or manufacturers showroom or we have secure parking facilities to enable us to scan vehicles at our London Offices.

The finished number plate designs are added to our online PlateCreator along with 3D visual images of the cars make and model to enable every customer to visualise their own personalised number plate in situ.


Once the raw number plate shape and style has been designed, our creative team set to work to create collections of wallpapers that will compliment and accentuate the vehicle design depicting shape and colour from every make and model.

The finished background and Affinity Icons are added to our online PlateCreator and made available to everyone. Each background design is created in high resolution so that it can be enlarged and reduced with specific areas of the design depicted to suit the chosen number plate range. This offers unlimited options to every customers ensuring that no two number plates are every the same.

Each number plate is printed in high-resolution at the point of order using our state-of-the-art UV printer.


We are incredibly proud to provide an end-to-end British Design and Manufacturing facility utilising the very latest precision laser technology.

Once a number plate has been ordered through our online PlateCreator the digital files are sent directly to the factory for print and fabrication. Each number plate travels through our immaculate factory environment, where it is checked at every stage by both machine and by hand to ensure the very best in quality control.

Every Fourdot® Designer Number Plate uses high-grade materials and processes not used currently to make any other number plates in the UK. Whether this relates to our custom reflective or our precision laser cutting which gives a glass-like ClearEdge to every number plate.

The level of detail and quality in print and finishing is unlike anything else on the market and combines to create 'The World’s Finest Number Plates'.


Every set of number plates is presented in our unique intelligent packaging featuring our Xdot® template fitting system to ensure that your number plates can be positioned perfectly onto your vehicle.

Our packaging is designed and produced using our laser technology to ensure the level of detail and quality in our number plates is reflected in the presentation and functionality of our packaging.

We also include an easy-to-use instruction manual that shows you how to apply and use Xdot to fit your new set of Fourdot Number Plates.

Fourdot is the only number plate producer in the world providing a number plate fitting system.


We're proud of the development that went into providing a unique presentation of our product.

We wanted this to be a special event and as enjoyable as putting the plate on your car. To see exactly what you receive in the package make a choice below.

packaging shot


This bespoke box is custom made for your Number plate's shape. Made of top quality materials and an ingenious design that means your plates arrives to you in style.

rear plate shot


This is your shaped rear number plate. Printed to your specifications, ready to fit to your vehicle for everyone to see.

front plate shot


This is your front number plate. Mirroring your rear plate this will complement your shaped plate perfectly.

certificate shot


For your archives. It contains all the reminder details of your number plates, who designed it, who bought it and the design chosen on this particular date.

template shot


The Xdot template pops out of the cardboard and will attach to your car to enable you to place your number Plate in its optimum position.

declaration shot


This must be kept with your vehicle. This declares that your number plates are 100% road legal in case there is any doubt.

instructions shot


These are your fitting instructions. Together with the template supplied, this is how you will attach the number plates to your car.

wipes shot


These are supplied for the final de-grease of your registration recesses prior to Number Plate installation.

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