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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515


We have put together a guide on what to look out for when buying new number plates to make sure you get the best possible product and avoid the online scammers.

Choose a reputable company

There are a few warning signs to look out for when you are searching online for number plates.

Look for UK Contact Information

A lot of online sellers will get around or avoid UK laws by placing themselves outside of the UK territories. This includes Ireland, where number plate sellers don’t need to follow the DVLA and British Standard guidelines. If the company does not clearly display a UK contact details you can use for advice or to talk about your order, perhaps rethink purchasing from them.

Say Hi!

Try and speak to the company making your plates. If you cant find a way of contacting them or they don’t return your calls or emails they are probably best avoided.

Checking Your Documents

It is a DVLA requirement for a number plate seller to check your ID and Entitlement documents. If the company you are dealing with does not require your documents they are operating illegally and we would advise you to not use them.

Check the DVLA Supplier Number

A number plate seller should display their DVLA Supplier Identity Number. For example Fourdot’s DVLA Supplier Identity Number is 48070. If you cannot find one reconsider using the company to produce your number plates.

Show Plates

Show plates are not legal number plates so if the seller you are considering describes themselves as a show plate maker this does not mean the plates you will receive will be UK road legal.

Look for a Guarantee

Any reputable number plate manufacturer will offer a guarantee on their product. For example Fourdot offer a 3-year guarantee from discoloration, delamination and breakages.


Make sure the company offers a signed for delivery. You don’t want your number plates getting lost in the post or ending up with someone else.

Getting the Right Fourdot Number Plate

We have a variety of number plates on offer so here are a few points to help you choose the range that is right for you.

Check Your Registration Year

You cannot register a number plate that is newer than your vehicle. It can be a costly mistake!

Not sure? Call the DVLA, or us, to check the dates of the registration against the date of the vehicle.

If you have a pre 1972 registered vehicle you are eligible for black and white number plates.

Do You Have a Carrier?

If you have a carrier for your number plate (plastic holder) then you need to make sure the size of number plate you want covers all of the carrier as to not look odd.

If you want to remove your carrier to put a number plate on the vehicle bodywork, check where the fixing holes are and how big a number plate will need to be to cover those holes.

Getting the Right Shape

If you are looking for a shaped number plate make sure its fits your model year. On the Fourdot PlateCreator you can see what shaped plates fit the model year vehicles.

Choosing Fixings

It is always advisable to fix your plates with strong adhesive pads rather than screwing. When number plates are perforated to allow for screw holes the usually quickly deteriorate due to water ingress and delamination.

The British Standard

Make sure both plates are marked with BS AU 145D which is the current British Standard for number plate manufacturers in the UK.

Having the BS AU 145D marked on the plate will make sure you number plates are up to current standards which include sizing, reflective values, registration fonts and spacing.


Use the links below to find out information from the government regarding UK number plates and where to buy them.

Not Found Your Plate Shape?

Contact our sales team who can help!

Not Found Your Model?

Contact our sales team who can help!