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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515
Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

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Welcome to One Click Plates. Here you can shop for preconfigured plate sets in a few simple steps. To shop a larger range of brands, use our Plate Creator linked HERE.

Number Plates Available


number plate RANGE

Shaped to fit the curves of your car. Zero plate available for front plate only.

number plate RANGE

Available as front & rear plate options


A set of front and rear Zero Plates 

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Customer images of your customised number plates is something we love to see, so please tag us in your Instagram and Facebook posts, or email them to We especially enjoy unboxing images, and before and after shots. 

We create number plates for a wide range of cars, such as Audi, Ferrari and Porsche – just to name a few! Here you’ll find a gallery of all our fantastic customer images, start by click on a brand to view more.

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What our customers think...

The plates have just arrived today and look FANTASTIC. Well done and many thanks.
John Kirk
I received the plate earlier this morning! Very pleased with it; it's fitted and looks just great ... much better than the old one!
Howard Evans
Hi. Just thought you may like to see the Plates on Lotus. Look fantastic! Fourdot's quality of plate, packaging and instruction really is top class. I am very pleased to display and recommend Fourdot plates to whoever asks for details.
Matthew Smale
Well I have my plates. I was rather surprised at the size of the package that was awaiting me when I arrived home from work... I cannot find adequate words to express my satisfaction with your product, presentation and customer service. It is beyond exemplary and some. .
John Zabiela
I am so pleased with the service and the plates you have supplied not forgetting the presentation box it all came in. I cannot understand why one should buy a car say over 60k and stick a standard plate on with big letters advertising the dealers name.
Brian Garbett
I cannot fault this service. I was amazed by the thought gone into the packaging. Its like buying number plates from Chanel. They are perfect because I wanted short plates on the front but couldn’t because the screw holes so would have looked horrible these are literally so good.
Kieran Ross

customer gallery

We love seeing our number plates on your cars, send us your photos to be featured in our gallery

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