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Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3

by Kevin Carter

At its launch in California Tesla introduced everyone to its new Model 3. The latest in it range of fully electric cars following on from the roadster and Model S. Its not doing too badly either with well over 115,000 pre-orders already and that was within the first 24 hours of opening orders!

Along with its sleek and stylish looks the Model 3 boasts some pretty statistics to worry its rivals. Going from 0 to fast in under 6 seconds and with a range of around 250 miles per charge this new contestant means business. With the lack of engine it frees up room inside to allow more space for the passengers. Front seats are edged forward giving those in the back more room and the panoramic glass ceiling reinforces the feeling of space. Safetly and technology are at the fore-front of this model as well. Expected, according to Mr. Musk, to receive 5 stars for every safety category it should be one of the safest cars on the road and for the techno-junkie there is the large 15" landscape screen which houses everything you need.

There is quite a wait yet though, with deliveries expected to start late in 2017 and for a current price of $35,000 or about £25,000. That is a considerable challenge to most current electric cars of this calibre, bearing in mind the helping hand grant is due to stop very soon.

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Digital artist with an interest in all things visually creative as well as being an animal behind the drums.


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