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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

Fourdot Winter Photoshoot

On a cold and wintery day in December we met up at Fast Factory to shoot some lovely cars with some lovely plates.

One thing we find when talking to people about our plates is that until they see them, in the flesh or well photographed, they just think they are "number plates". Its a tough sector to promote as people, generally, don't think about their number plate. Its a thing added to their car, something necessary but not contemplated. When you look at the design time that has gone into shaping the recess which houses the number plate it makes you wonder why the plate is just rectangular. In order to show people the true effect our plates have on a car we picked a few prestige, performance cars to shoot.

We chose the new Mercedes AMG GT which is a beautifully styled car with an engine noise to die for, the Aston Martin DB9 with its style and poise and the beastly Lamborghini Performante, Each car promoting a different kind of aesthetic and driver. With the help of Nick at NWVT Photography, who has done some amazing work for Audi, we proceeded to create some shots which we've used to promote the difference our plates can make. The Fast Factory was the perfect location for some nice clean, studio style shots which with some pretty awesome lighting techniques produced some amazing shots. We then drove to a not so secret location in London to get some lifestyle, outdoors shots.

We think they've come out pretty well and will be doing plenty more shoots like this in the future. If you have any ideas about cars to shoot, locations or plate designs let us know in the comments section.

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