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Rolls Royce Dawn & Chill?

Rolls Royce have added the Dawn to their selubrious range of cars. Not only is every aspect of the car meticulously designed but so apparently are the accessories you can get for it.

You have just bought your new Rolls Royce Dawn and now fancy a quick tipple to celebrate. There is no popping down to the local bar for you…no sir, what you need is the Rolls Royce Cocktail Hamper. There's only one catch, there are only 15 being made, so to avoid the Black Friday chaos as people rush to buy them you'd better get in there quick.

The hamper is hand-crafted from aluminium, carbon fibre, walnut and leather and has everything the socialite needs to create the perfect cocktail experience…need an America walnut muddler – done, need laser-cut monogramed strainer – done, nothing but the best for Rolls Royce.

It doesn't stop at the extras either, they commissioned the best glassmaker in Europe, Theresienthal, to create the glassware. Exquisitely blown in beech wood mould and topped off with a platinum halo so drinking the cocktails will be an experience in itself. However, they have also avoided the possibility that you may have bought the hamper with the cocktail mixing expertise of a 17 year old who has just found their parent's drinks cabinet so have provided recipes provided by the mixologists at The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane hotels.

To find out more information contact the dealer or the Rolls Royce aftersales team.

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