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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

1967 Ford Mustang Supercharged Fastback

Throwback Thursday as I'm now going to call this features this stunning example of the American muscle car. This custom is so good it has the nickname "Obsidian". The features list on this is a speed freak's dream list. A fuel injected 392ci V8 with twin superchargers creates an output of around 850bhp and 0-fast in less than 4 seconds! It has a hidden rollcage within its tubular box frame, has an aluminium NASCAR-style belly pan, Brembo brakes, custom aluminium wheels as well as custom hood and grille. The engine and firewall have been pushed back for better weight distribution and the seat moved back to accomodate the slightly taller person. All in all a pretty perfect specimen.


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