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Deus Ex Machina Malachi Dirt Bike

Welcome to a new feature I'm calling Motorbike Monday (I love a bit of alliteration). Today's first feature is the Deus Ex Machina Malachi Crunch Dirt Bike.

This is a pure-bred race bike, not one for pootling around town on. Based on the sturdy Honda XL500 the team over at Deus Japan went to work adapting it to work within the VMX regulations. Adding a set of late 80s XR600 front forks paired with completely custom rear suspension with almost 200mm of travel. They added a custom swing arm, Ikon alloy gas shocks and springs with a pretty nifty epoxy composite seat base and side covers, giving a clean, sleek look but giving a nod to the early motocross roots.

What do you think?

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