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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

The Riva Rivamera

Was just browsing the interweb for things to spend my millions on when I found this little beauty. Not only does it look lovely but they sell the playboy lifestyle really well in the images so I was sold.

Apparently this was inspired by the design of sports cars, so there is a tenuous link to us in there somewhere. Measuring 39 feet long this extension of manliness paired with its pair of 400 bhp Volvo Penta D6 400 engines will propell you along the lakes of Italy, or wherever you have second or third house, at a hair messing 31 knots with a top speed of 40 knots. To the eternal geek in you there is an intuitive navigation system with a joystick and docking mode to make it much easier to navigate to you mooring between the other superyachts when going to see the Monaco Grand Prix. It also has a rear hatch with mahogany steps which create a faux "beach" area with water access.

Under the extensive mahogany deck there is a fully functioning kitchen, for the staff to use while you sip cocktails, a luxury bathroom with glass shower and a living area that converts to a bedroom for those post cocktail siestas.

Something to splash your pocket money on?

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