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The 2017 Panamera

So, the only real reason I'm posting this is because I saw a small animated gif of the rear spoiler and it appealed to the transformer loving child in me.

Its been 7 years since they released the Panamera and they've made quite a lot of tweaks on the new model. It has more power, better efficiency, meatier looks and did I mention a spoiler that just looks awesome. The top Panamera boasts a biTurbo V8 delivering 550bhp while the 4S and 4S Diesel provide slightly less. It has full time all-wheel driving, rear wheel steering and an 8 speed dual clutch gear system which make the car go from 0-fast in around 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 190 (totally illegal here). The finishing touches are LED lights, twin exhausts and I'm not sure if I've mentioned it but a fancy spoiler. Seriously just look at the spoiler. If I was to own this I would forever be making the transforming noise in my head when it cam up.

What are your thought?

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