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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

If Ferrari made a Batmobile

There I was browsing the interweb for inspiration and to find out what's new. I stumbled upon this image which immediately made me think Flustering Ferrari's batman. I can quite easily picture Adam West hurtling along whilst solving family friendly crimes in this beautiful addition to the La Ferrari family.

It is pretty much a carbon copy for the original with regards to the drivetrain and performance figures. The elephant in the room is that it has no roof. You have the option of a carbon fibre hard top or a soft top, either allowing quick access to the summer sun (presuming if you own one of these you can drive it in a country which actually has summer). As we all know, when you remove the roof the performance suffers as a level of rigidity has gone, well Ferrari have made some significant modifications to the chassis and aerodynamics to negate the lack of roof and provide the same performance.

No price as of yet but all examples have already been sold so jog on.

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