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Triumph Rocket

Motorbike Monday is all about speed this week. So in regards to land speed on a motorbike Triumph was the daddy for nearly 15 years in a row but they got shot down back in 1970. They festered for a while and have now come back to claim the crown once again with this monster.

The Triumph Rocket is back after a 45 year absence. Since then Triumph have let the anger manifest itself in a pair of turbocharged Rocket II engines producing over 1,000hp combined. With a body made entirely of carbon kevlar and measuring over 25 feet long and only 2 feet wide its best kept on long straights instead of the windy streets of London. The man in the hot-seat is british motorcycle racer Guy Martin who has competed in the Isle of Man TT which we all know requires balls of steel.

They were aiming for a speed of 400mph but on 8th August they achieved 245.6mph making this the fastest ever Triumph!

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