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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

Pan Meka Motorcycle

So, there I was stumbling through the interwebs looking for new and unusual things when I stumble upon the bleak, futuristic steed of my post-apocalyptic heroe-dom.

If this Motorbike Monday offering doesn't make you immediately think of a brilliant 80s/90s action film I don't know what will. This animal of a bike is built on the base of a BMW K1200S. The guys at Pan strip it right back to the frame and replace the plastic with raw steel, adding a custom exhaust into the fold for fun. 

Totally re-wired for a digital dashboard and push button controls. The lights were completely hand-crafted with the fronts being double Xenon day lights which open and close automatically. I personally think its awesome, your thoughts?

Don't forget we do a range of shaped number plates specifically for motorcycles! Pretty sure our Tourist Trophy plate would look perfect on the Pan Meka! Find out more here>

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