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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

Jaguar E Type Barn Find

There you are, mooching around your various out buildings in your wellies and tweed coat when you stumble upon something familiar peeking out at you. Oh yes, its that rare E Type Jaguar you purchased 40 years ago and parked up in the barn.

How some people can forget about a classic icon like this is beyond me, but E Types are seemingly the car to leave in a barn and stumble upon later in life. The one in the pictures was bought for his wife and upon passing on it has now been found and put up for auction. It has an original mileage of 52k, is a totally un-modified right hand drive 3.8 Coupe of which there are only 1798 around. Under the layers of dust and straw is original red paintwork matched with slightly worn (understatement) grey leather interior.

Fancy a little project head over here to put in a bid! 

Have you ever found a barn find?

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