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Jaguar XKSS

So there I was perusing the interweb when I stumble on this little beauty. I dropped my black coffee all over my bourbon biscuits!

I was sat there thinking this is a classic car, beautiful but of the older generation, then I read on. This is a classic car yet completely new! The XKSS is being reborn by Jaguar Classics in a limited run that replaces the "lost" cars that were destroyed in the Coventry factory fire in 1957.

Its not even an old body bolted onto a new frame as each of the nine cars is being built by hand to the same spec as the 16 built before the fire. Fully certified by Jaguar its a rare chance to own something nearly 60 years old as it was when it was brand new!

Looks like there is an example already built but housed in LA. So looks like you may have to import if you want one.

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