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Nio EP9 Electric Supercar

Looks like there is another electric cowboy in this here saloon with an itchy trigger finger. 

With a carbon fibre chasis that's 70% lighter than steel and an aerodynamic body which delivers insane grip this EV isn't just fast its M&S fast! Its powertrain delivers one megawatt of power to the wheels. What's that in real money I hear you ask…that's aroun 1,342hp. Four individual gearboxes and huge tires means it will go from 0 to very fast (124mph) in 7.1 seconds with a top speed of nearly 195mph. In addition to that a 3 position active wing system works with the car to produce more down-force than an F1 car. Custom brakes, an all digital cockpit with multiple screens keep key information at a glance and they have an interchangeable battery system so you restore power quickly. 

The EP9 has logged some pretty quick times including the Nurburgring on which the EP9 managed a staggering 7:05.12 lap time!

Has this EP9 impressed you?

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