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Aero E-Racer Motorcycle

Motorcycle Monday this week goes uber-techno. The Aero E-Racer is a more traditional looking electric motorcycle. We think it’s one of the best electric motorcycles of 2016. It offers more of a compromise between petrol powered street racer and commuter-centric electric bike. Sitting on a Tacita electric motor, the makers of the T-Race electric rally bike, pushes out 75hp and has a range of 45 miles.

It has a very sleek tubular chrome moly steel frame, has a Go Pro mounted on the front and is finished with carbon/kevlar bodywork. Not only is this a safety feature, but it can record sports performances and trips! The motorbike also has an iphone-based dashboard and have developed IOS app to manage the power unit datas via Bluetooth.

The bike has a relatively low charging time. It only takes 35 min to full charge on public high-power stations, or 1 h 30 min to full charge with domestic plugs with 3Kw charger. According to their website. Water Resistance is another important aspect – it has a IP68 certification of water resistance. You can ride in any weather condition, wading rivers or riding in the snow!

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