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Fourdot are open for business: at this time we are able to process and manufacture all orders.
Due to new measures put in place, you may experience some delays in our standard delivery service by an extra 1-2 working days.


Give us a call on 020 8387 1515

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Fourdot is a progressive design company that believes superior quality products come from careful, considered design. We, as a collective, work hard to design and produce luxury products that form an affinity with our customers.

At its heart we believe design and functionality go hand in hand to produce a superior product. We convey an experience and lifestyle to our customer not just a product.

Our first ambitious project was to take the UK number plate and turn it from a purchase born out of necessity to one of desire. People should have the choice of a premium, well designed product to place on their car or bike instead of a cheap piece of plastic that is seen as standard on today’s roads. After two years of hard work and consultation we produced our range of fully bespoke shaped and classic number plates. Designed and made using processes never seen in the number plate industry before. The result is what you see on our website today.


Fourdot® number plates are nothing like number plates on the market today.

The unique blend of precision engineering, laser technology, advanced materials, beautiful aesthetics and attention to detail work together to help you express your own personal style and individuality.


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