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Stolen Number Plates...oh my

by Daniel Southern

We've just read this report which is scandalous. Did you know 1600 number plates were stolen from vehicles in Staffordshire over the last four years!!

This is one of the biggest problems with number plates at the moment, with people stealing plates and using them to get free petrol, by driving off after filling, and also speeding without consequence. It is very hard to combat but we have consulted with the police and our plates are a positive step in the right direction to deter these types of incidents.

Our Signature Range number plates are shaped to the contours of your specific car. If you have a BMW 3 Series then that plate will not fit on any other car.

Each of our number plates are completely unique, be that background design, borders, affinity icons or the fact that we have created a bespoke design for someone. They are memorable and make the connection between car and identity much stronger.

There is no drilling with our plates, the registration is completely un-blemished by screw caps so it is easier to read. As the plates aren't drilled and are one piece of acrylic there is no water ingression so the plate itself will not peel, discolour or fall apart. We also attach our plates with incredibly strong adhesive, it is possible to remove our plates but it is definitely not easy and certainly not as quiet as unscrewing them.

Do you have a story of stolen car identity? Let us know in the comments and think twice before buying a normal plate.

Daniel Southern

Daniel Southern

The head honcho at Fourdot. He has a fascination for all things number plate, ranging from reflective luminosity to the most outrageous number plates. Can often be found sneaking around badly lit streets taking photos of number plates for his personal collection.


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