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Not sure I'd park my DB4 that close to water!
Sleek is an understatement
More red than you can shake a red stick at
Still too close to the water

1961 Aston Martin DB4 Series 2

by Kevin Carter

Throwback Thursday this week comes courtesy of this wonderfully sophisticated Aston Martin. Whilst its sibling the DB5 steals the limelight it was this older brother that pushed the boundaries and bent the rules to enable its younger sibling to stay out later and enjoy life a little more.

This model has its original paintwork of Goodwood Green with slightly garish Red Connolly leather. Taking those into account this DB4 is one of the most original, well preserved examples around. You'll notice the steering wheel, yep this is just one of 125 lefties and has its original matching numbers 3670cc six cylinder engine. Pair that grunt of an engine with the four-speed David Brown gearbox and you have 0 to quick in less than 9 seconds.

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Digital artist with an interest in all things visually creative as well as being an animal behind the drums.

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