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Fourdot & Driven+ Collaboration

Hey there, car enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news to share. We’ve teamed up with the fantastic team at Driven + for an exclusive collaboration that’s turning heads. In a recent YouTube video, the dynamic presenter Nik McGilloway takes the hot new 2024 Range Rover Sport SV for a spin, digging deep to answer the burning question: “Is it really worth that hefty £190K price tag?” But here’s the kicker – keep your eyes peeled because this Range Rover is sporting a set of our custom-shaped signature carbon fibre-designed number plates! It’s all about style, sophistication, and that extra touch of uniqueness.

The Car Review >

If you like the look of the plates showcased in Driven+ Video or want to jaz them with your own unique design, head over to our plates design specifically for this model or talk to one of our sales team to upgrade your car’s number plates.

Our Range Rover Plates >

The Range Rover Sport has not only been a storming success for Land Rover, but they have also been one of the top-selling Signature number plates for Fourdot. Land Rovers have traditionally always had distinctive number plate recesses that have cried out for perfectly shaped number plates. From SVR’s to the new controversial Discovery 5, Fourdot have designed complementary number plates that suit the size and stature of Land Rovers.

Who is Driven+?

Driven+ is a community of genuine car enthusiasts! They offer UK and European Tours and review cars that are part of the Driven+ family.

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